International Certificate (ENG)

The Swedish group in CIB/IABSE/RILEM has decided to issue an international certificate to persons who wish to obtain such a certificate and who are regarded as meeting the necessary requirements:  that their academic qualifications and working experience show that they can be expected to be well suited for work on international projects.

The purpose of the international certificate is to:

  • Bring home to the Swedish building sector the importance of participating in international projects through design, construction, operation and maintenance, as well as the importance of research and development.
  • Raise the profile of the international expertise that exists in Sweden at the level of individuals.
  • Provide a useful reference for the individual concerned.
  • Encourage recruitment of new members to CIB, IABSE and RILEM, i.e. the Swedish CIR group.

Certificates will be awarded on the basis of the results of appraisal against the following requirements:

Requirements for qualification for an international certificate.  (As used here, ’international’ refers to all countries outside the Nordic area.)

  Qualifications and networks Experience / Specialisations
Basic requirements

Relevant qualifications at least 160p.

Documented ability to express him/herself in speech and writing in English.

Important participation in international projects (RD&D, construction, operation / maint­enance or design projects).

Oral presentations at inter­national conferences, reproduced in the conference Proceedings.

Additional merits

Licentiate / Doctorate  +

Senior Lecturer / Professor  + +

For each non-Nordic language (documented ability to communicate in speech and writing) +

Individual membership of CIB, IABSE or RILEM +

Several articles in international journals of good repute +

Session chairman at international conferences +

Keynote speaker (specially invited) at international conferences +

Active role in important inter­national expert committee +

Leading position in an international project + +

Qualification for a certificate requires all the basic requirements to be fulfilled, plus additional merits from the two columns above totalling at least three +, and with at least one + from each category.  Applications for certificates will be considered by a group consisting of:

  • Peter Utgenannt (Secretary)
  • Lennart Elfgren
  • Mats Öberg
  • Kyösti Tuutti     
  • Karin Lundgren
  • Johan Silfwerbrand
  • Joakim Kylén

Applications for certificates shall be submitted in writing and sent to the Association’s secretariat at the address below, together with a CV and names of references who can attest the correctness of the CV.

The Swedish Group in CIB/IABSE/RILEM
c/o Samhällsbyggarna
Att: Joanna Messmer
Box 541
101 30 Stockholm


The following fees apply for processing of applications:

Individuals who are individual members of CIB, IABSE or RILEM:  no charge
Individuals employed by companies who are corporate members of CIB, IABSE or RILEM: SEK 500.

Other individuals:  SEK 1000.

These regulations have been ratified by the Association’s Board.